Security & Surveillance

Use Cases

Decentralization of storage and virtualized environments on the one hand, and mobility and remote work on the other hand, expose enterprise and government institutions to cyber security vulnerabilities. Basic security considerations, including HW design, are required to ensure connectivity and data at the edge are secure. Another aspect of security emerges from the set of new services and capabilities. The emerging AI technology along with enhanced IP camera technology are pushing video analysis and inference to the Edge. Modular processing capabilities, various infra-red and 3D sensors are all contributing to a rise of new applications in the industrial automation, smart city, defense, and security domains.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the Security & Surveillance applications segment. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.

  • Serve and Protect From Air

    Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or unmanned aerial system (including a UAV, a ground-based controller, and a system of communications between the two) has a unique role in Police and Defense activities .UAV for public safety has improved contribution at a lower cost of what manned helicopters / airplanes require.


    Products: i.MX 6 SoM – Automotive Grade
    Services: None
    i.MX6 video and processing capabilities can support low power advanced/thermal cameras. Based on provided schematics and basic support the customer designed his own fanless carrier board that serves as a building block in the overall platform.

  • Monitors Fanless PC

    Cost-effective, small size, Fanless PC solution for video monitoring where live video can be displayed. Optimized for a variety of tasks such as decoding, AI and remote learning.


    Products: CuBox – i, HummingBoard-M SBC
    Services: Design of a tailored made branded enclosure, HW modifications,  SW integration, branding and certification included various customers’ global needs.

  • Thermal Camera Solution

    Thermal cameras capture infrared energy and use the data to create images through digital or analog video outputs. Thermal camera solution requires edge processing for a variety of applications such as defense, firefighting, autonomous vehicle, skin temperature screening, industrial inspections and much more.


    Products: HummingBoard-i SBC

    Services: None

    Solution based on HummingBoard-i SBC that serves as an edge computer and gateway for the solution.

  • Body Worn Video (BWV)

    Body Worn Video (BWV) is a visible camera used to capture both video and audio evidence when police officers, for example, are conducting enforcement activities. Other examples include sports activities.


    Products: Intel-based SOM
    Services: None
    Low power, Intel based solution that serves as the data and video processing unit for cameras.

  • Surveillance Cameras Networks

    Surveillance cameras are video cameras used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or an IP network. Parking, industrial and city environment call for an industrial-grade solution with PoE, Power over Ethernet capabilities housed in a ruggedized enclosure.


    Products: ClearFog GTR A385 
    Services: None
    ClearFog GTR A385 is a family of powerful feature-rich ruggedized platforms, including the GTR S4 and GTR L8. ClearFog GTR is a NVR built for harsh environments, industrial infrastructure and edge security and features PD/PSE Power over Ethernet support for powering PoE enabled IP cameras.

  • Identity & Security Solutions

    Identity & Security devices in private and public places (e.g. Airports) demand highly reliable devices supporting a variety of verification parameters. Advanced solutions can reduce operating costs and improve customer experience without compromising on security.


    Products: HummingBoard-i SBCi.MX 6 SOM

    Services: None

    Customer platform is built around the i.MX6 SOM in various configurations for different access control applications, allowing to use lower processing configuration for less task demanding applications and scaling up for heavier use cases, while keeping the same software architecture and across the board compatibility.

i.MX6 SoM
HumminBoard-i SBC
HumminBoard-M SBC
ClearFog GTR A385