Network Monitoring and Performance

Use Cases

Network performance has become essential for all businesses in all segments to ensure operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Providers of network monitoring solutions are challenged in addressing: preventive measures of outages, reducing performance failure time, real-time dashboards and reports, and early detection of security threats.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the Network Monitoring and Performance domain. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.

  • Enterprise Grade Mesh WiFi

    WiFi Mesh coverage is essential for large areas such as shopping malls, construction sites, train stations, campuses and cities. To overcome changing needs and wiring investments mesh WiFi networks allow a single wired WiFi access point to connect to a network of non-wired (or POE based) WiFi repeaters that are deployed throughout an area and provide efficient service.


    Products: Custom CN9132 SBC
    Services: NRE for custom SBC
    The customer’s core competence and IP are in WiFi mesh technology, together with SolidRun’s software and hardware engineers both companies co-developed a custom SBC that integrates WiFi mesh technology and LTE options for large scale industrial and residential deployments.

  • Virtual Agents for Network Performance Management

    Network performance in enterprise spanning from Wi-Fi coverage to access performance can be monitored by a Software analysis tool that includes agents spread throughout the network work. Such platforms simulate virtual users and conduct repeatable test sequences.


    Products: ClearFog Base A388
    Services: Branding
    Supporting a custom enclosure design for customer branding and flashing customer software in production.

  • Base Station Performance Testing

    While developing the base station solutions extensive testing is required simulating thousands of subscribers. Cost-effective gear can save cost and improve TTM.


    Products: HummingBoard-i
    Services: None
    Using off the shelf modular hardware design allows the customer to bring in 3rd party building blocks to easily expand the functionality of the product, such as PoE and LTE modems. Using off the shelf SolidRun hardware the customers enjoy the economy of scale without the necessity to develop their own hardware.

CN913x COM
ClearFog Base A388
HummingBoard-i SBC