Industrial Automation

Use Cases

The Fourth Industrial Revolution, known as industry 4.0, is about increasing productivity while reducing costs in manufacturing and industrial practices by the integration of increased automation, improved communication and self-monitoring, as well as smart machines that can analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention. Edge computing can generate various processes and control benefits from the aspect of efficiency, Interoperability, flexibility, minimum latency and saving cost. One of the main challenges our customers are facing is designing a cross solution incorporating various types of equipment and remote sites. Another deployment barrier is the need to address security threats.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the Industrial Automation domain. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.

  • Integrated 3D Sensor with ML

    Industry 4.0 and other machine automation initiatives require the use of advanced vision systems for guided robotics and other autonomous machines. The integration of 3D vision and depth sensing of objects at a superior accuracy such as Time of Flight (ToF) currently demands small unique modules integrating CMOS image sensors with processing power. ML/AI capabilities at the edge, can shorten response time and communication burden.

  • Our Added Value

    Products: i.MX8M Plus SoM
    Services: Joint development with the customer to design and produce a customized carrier board module integrating storage, power management and dual camera support for machine vision processing. The small module can be integrated to compact products and devices.

  • Motion Controller for Industrial Robots

    The concept of a smart factory provides an evolution of the robot towards greater autonomy and high interaction with other machines and operators. Motion control systems involve moving industrial robotics in a controlled and precise manner to automate production and workflow processes.


    Products: HummingBoard-i based on i.MX6 SOM
    Services: Custom assembly options and carrier board modifications based on customer needs. The HummingBoard incorporates a variety of I/Os and connectivity options at an industrial-grade with a small form factor.

  • Monitoring Machine Wear

    Reducing operational risk, highly relies on monitoring critical machinery components and performance. Through sensors that measure different parameters (e.g. lubricating oils, temperature, flow) wear behavior of the machines and the degradation can be monitored.


    Products: i.MX 6 SoM
    Services: None.
    To simplify development and reduce TTM the customer decided to base his solution on SolidRun’s i.MX 6 SoM, enjoying the variety of rich technical documentation on the developer section and complimentary carrier board design review by SolidRun’s engineers.

  • Pipeline inspection

    Manufacturing facilities (e.g. petrochemical) and municipalities sewers infrastructure require advanced automated centered pipeline inspection solutions. Robots can enter pipelines with different liquid levels and collect valuable information including streaming back the video for the technician.


    Products: i.MX 6 SoM
    Services: None.
    Off the shelf i.MX6 SOM with industrial temperature grade support.

i.MX8 Plus SoM
i.MX6 SoM