Use Cases

IoT in Medicine or also known as the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) will continue to generate a wide range of applications and devices. However, several key challenges characterize this industry and are essential to its deployment rate and include reliability, performance and connectivity, safety, ease of use by both patient and healthcare providers.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the Medical applications segment. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.

  • Telehealth of Wound Care

    3D scanning applications can transform clinical processes in wound care. Telehealth management systems can provide remote clinical solutions for diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of wounds.


    Products: i.MX6 SoM
    Services: None
    The customer leveraged the multimedia advantages of the i.MX6  based SOM and SolidRun development tools to develop and deploy a robust and reliable solution.

  • Rapid Diagnostic Tests

    Remote clinical testing is becoming more and more essential without compromise on performance. Rapid diagnostic test solutions allow tests to be run wherever and whenever they are needed in emergency departments, nursing homes, pharmacies and the workplace.


    Products: Solidsense N6 Edge Gateway 
    Services: None
    The SolidSense edge gateway provides a low power platform with wireless functionality such as WiFi and LTE for sending real-time data to the management system from remote locations.

  • Cognitive Testing

    Cognitive function testing for various patients is required by neurologists and other physicians to diagnose and test patient progress. Self-administered computerized screening solutions can simplify the motor and visual abilities patient’s performance analysis.


    Products: SolidPC
    Services: None
    Fanless PC with high reliability and processing power serves as an engine for a screen solution.

  • Non-Intrusive Elderly Emergency Response System

    Falling after age 70 without the ability to get up relying on help is unfortunately common. Non-wearable, nonintrusive, RF-based monitoring systems can help implement friendly and reliable solutions, alerting the authorities, family members or first responders.


    Products: HummingBoard-i, i.MX 6 SoM
    Services: Creating a custom assembly version carrier board to reduce costs and fit inside the mechanical constraints.

    The i.MX6 SOM allows to rapidly develop a reliable application-specific gateway with a strong performance while providing excellent I/O flexibility to support customer needs.

i.MX6 SoM