ARM Servers & NAS

Use Cases

Data Centers infrastructure planning and deployment is changing from “one size fit all” to a variety of solutions to optimize specific applications and use cases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In this new approach, ARM-based technology plays a key role in higher computing utilization, power consumption, massive scalability, and connectivity. SolidRun is working directly with ARM, ARM-based SoC vendors, and open-source ecosystems to provide Embedded Computing solutions.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the ARM Servers and Network Access Server (NAS) domain. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.

  • ARM based NAS

    As storage needs are growing exponentially, ARM-based NAS is picking up in various segments. Key advantages include lower cost of hardware, lower Power Consumption and heat produced, longer lifespan and open source-oriented SW ecosystem.


    Products: Custom A388 carrier board
    Services: NRE for HW development
    On many occasions, we are approached by software companies that are interested in custom hardware to run their application. The customer needed a custom carrier board, based on the Marvell ARMADA A388 SOM for a NAS application, SolidRun provided the services including HW and mechanical design and BOM optimization.

  • ARM Servers for Data Centers

    Leading service providers such as AWS announced the deployment of ARM-based servers in their Data Centers. The new holistic approach by new server incumbents focuses not just on the cost and energy-saving but claims that multiple smaller nodes with less powerful processors can be more efficient in running some applications and sharing workload vs. several central nodes based on a powerful processor.


    Products: NXP Layerscape LX2160 COM Express type 7
    Services: None
    The COM express type 7 standard allows maximum flexibility and modularity, using SolidRun’s off the shelf COMe 7 board, the customer was able to quickly prototype and develop his own custom hardware with SolidRun’s engineering support and schematics review.

  • ARM Work Stations built by developers for developers

    Until recently Arm software developers had to rely only on cloud instances for strong performance. ARM workstation, with server capabilities, allows the use of private local and physical systems for simplified, secure, low latency development.


    Products: HoneyComb LX2K
    Services: None
    Powerful 16 Core LX2160A, Mini ITX Arm® Workstation, full-fledged certified Aarch64 (by 2021) based development and testing solution “built by developers for developers”.

ClearFog A388
HoneyComb LX2