5G & Networking Infrastructure

Use Cases

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) that emulate networking equipment along with containerized applications, create the ability to use less costly commodity hardware instead of dedicated platforms. Wireless and wireline networking equipment providers for various use cases can benefit from Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) HW computerized modules that are low power and modular to address the infinite variety of connectivity, processing, and storage needs.

Edge computing refers to infrastructure that allows data processing as close to the source as possible. The main benefits of Edge computing include faster processing of data, reduced latency and improved customer experiences. Various applications like CDN, AI inference, IoT and Industrial automation, require close processing and storage as part of the new 5G networks. Analysts estimate that Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) will be integrated to base stations while Edge Micro-Data Centers will be deployed adjacent to 5G towers.

In this section, you can find some examples of how SolidRun creates value for our OEMs / Integrators customers in the 5G & Network infrastructure domain. For confidentiality reasons, customer names are not mentioned.


    Analysts estimate the increased capacity density in 5G could be x1000 compared to the current 4G/4.5G networks. This will require smaller coverage areas per cell site, leading the mobile grid to become far denser than it is today based on additional macro-cells as well as small cells located in various spots. The challenge is to provide advanced wireless backhaul solutions with higher capacity links supporting non-line-of-sight challenges.


    Products: CN9132 COM Express type 7
    Services: NRE and customized carrier board

    Working together with the customer’s R&D hardware and software engineers on defining and executing carrier board design and support for 5G and 11ax WiFi modules for wireless backhaul application.

  • 5G Enterprise

    5G technology holds a vast promise for the enterprise and public digitization efforts due to its throughput, mobility, reliability, latency, and management capabilities. Segments such as health care, manufacturing, agriculture, retail, and transportation will rely on 5G infrastructure for rapid deployment of new applications. Telecom industry requires to provide efficient, low power and costs platforms supporting mmWave, beamforming repeater, Sub 6GHz, MIMO and open vRAN architectures.


    Products: NXP Layerscape LX2160 COM , Marvell OCTEON CN913x COM

    Services: None
    Customizing and creating a dedicated customer part number and assembly options according to customer needs that include a unique SoC PN, DDRs and production process that includes pre-flashing customer software, MACs etc.

  • Satellites Connectivity for Rural Areas

    Satellite communication is sustainably in guaranteeing reliable, high-capacity, high-speed communications for rural areas. VSAT providers are required to develop robust, low power, industrial-grade equipment that can be accommodated in rural areas, trucks, ships, or airplanes.


    Products: ClearFog Base A388
    Services: Custom assembly options
    Using an off the shelf product such as the ClearFog Base is a great option to speed up the development and deployment timelines, when it comes to production scenarios often the customer needs a subset or a unique product configuration that SolidRun supports.

  • vCPE

    NFV and SDN provide an easier and efficient way to control network resources through programmability. Communication service providers (CSP) require low power hardware with strong processing capabilities at the customer site to move traditional CPE functions and offer new advanced services through virtualization (Virtual CPE)

  • Long Distance Point to Point Radio Solutions

    Long distance microwave point-to-point links or point-to-multipoint wireless SCADA networks are essential for communication providers, utilities, military, oil, gas & mining, transport, enterprise and government. Equipment providers need to offer a variety of analogue and digital interfaces in a low power reliable form factor.


    Products: Armada A388 SOM 
    Services: None
    Off the shelf system on a module with robust software support helped the prototype phase to be completed quickly. A388 SOM has broad software support and is a cost-effective and robust building block to use networking and communication types of applications.

  • 4G LTE Broadband

    4G LTE is increasingly used, not just in rural areas, but due to its superfast speeds, it is becoming a preferred method in many locations. Communication service providers require enterprise or residential CPE’s with integrated one or two LTE modems.


    Products: ClearFog Base/Pro A388
    Services: None
    Providing off the shelf products for a couple of different applications, while using the same software functionality. Having a lower and higher-end modular platform allowed the customer to use the same technology for different areas.

CN913x COM
ClearFog Base A388