The RMA process for handling the return of potentially defective units

  • SolidRun will replace units that turns to have HW faults and still under and warranty, free of charge.
  • In cases where the units are out of warranty SolidRun will not repair the units and will issue a quote for new items.
  • In cases where the unit are under warranty or out of warranty and the testing shows that the cause of the fault is not HW but require SW change/ update that can / could be done by the customer with SolidRun’s support assistant remotely, SolidRun will charge for a SW update that will be done in its labs by SolidRun engineers. In this case, the shipment will be covered by the customer.

    Optional Info.

    Please scan the 2D barcode on each unit returned, separated by ',' (comma)

    SOM Label e.g.