SolidRun’s Pinout Planner is an innovative web tool that is intended to assist in planning the pin configuration of carrier boards designed to accommodate the LX2160 COM Express Type 7, CN913x COM Express Type 7, A388 SOM, i.MX8M Plus SOM, and i.MX8M Mini SOM modules. The Pinout Planner configures pin signals by multiplexing the electrical functions and assigning them to associated pins while highlighting collisions (e.g. dual use of specific pins), as well as functionality errors (e.g. not all signals required for a function are associated to pins).

Learn more and try it out today:

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  • Web application, compatible for any modern browser.
  • Operated via the HTTPS protocol which is encrypted and uses Transport Layer Security
  • Simple, user-friendly, UI (User Interface) that includes “Help” option
  • Automatic selection of all GND and POWER signals
  • Group processing – the tool enables to select and process a complete function including all ports and signals, or a port including all signals
  • Collision check – the tool alerts in case the same pin has been associated with two different signals
  • Functionality errors warning – the tool indicates in case not all signals required for the implementation of a function are selected.
  • The planning project can be exported and saved as CSV file on the user’s computer at any time and can be later imported for further planning
  • Backup files are automatically saved in the local storage of the browser on the user’s computer
  • For privacy reasons the information is not copied or exported to any external entity


  • The tool is currently available in Beta version
  • SolidRun will in no way bear responsibility for faults that may be caused due to inaccuracy of the database or the tool.