SolidRun Unveils i.MX8 Family: SOM, SBC, and new CuBox Pulse fanless mini PC

Based on NXP’s i.MX8M the new family introduces a cutting-edge standard of multimedia capabilities for a range of entertainment and IoT solutions.

Nuremberg, Germany, February 2, 2018

Following their successful i.MX6 based family; SolidRun is today announcing the brand new family of i.MX8M based platforms, including the i.MX8 SOM, HummingBoard Pulse single board computer, and CuBox Pulse fanless mini PC. SolidRun is introducing this new family following NXP’s inclusion of the company as part of a handful of early adopting partners.

Harnessing the powerful i.MX8M processors, the new family will feature up to four 1.5 GHz ARM® Cortex® A53 cores with a Cortex M4 general purpose processor, high-speed connectivity interfaces and flexible memory options, offering 4K UltraHD resolution and HDR video quality, the highest levels of pro audio fidelity and up to 20 audio channels.

  • i.MX8 SOM: In line with SolidRun’s approach to offering a range of building blocks, the new SOM will allow developers and OEMs to speed up development and reduce costs and TTM. The company’s mix-and-match concept will allow users to easily switch between different SOM grades and configurations as needed.
  • HummingBoard Pulse: As part of SolidRun’s HummingBoard family of SBCs, the new HummingBoard Pulse offers the flexibility and rich features of the HummingBoard platform paired with the robust abilities of the i.MX8M processor.
  • CuBox Pulse: At only 2” x 2” x 2”, CuBox Pulse will be a game changer for home entertainment, digital signage and a wide host of multimedia centric applications, offering unparalleled audio and video capabilities. CuBox Pulse will be offered in a number of configurations based around the i.MX8 Dual, Quad and Quad Lite SOMs.
HummingBoard NXP i.mx8m IoT multimedia SBC
ARM mini PC iMX8 CuBox Pulse

“NXP’s new i.MX8M processor is a true game-changer with enhanced processing and multimedia features” states SolidRun CTO Rabeeh Khoury. “Our new i.MX8 based family harnesses the massive benefits of the new processor, and offers developers a set of modular, flexible and powerful platforms for development or as ready to use solutions.”

i.MX8 SOM is offered in a number of base configurations, with other possible variations available depending on user needs. HummingBoard Pulse is currently available in one carrier board configuration with a choice of SOM configuration. CuBox Pulse is currently offered in a single variation with more to follow.

Visit the i.MX8 family page for more info:

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